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On Museum

The Šlokenbeka Manor ensemble is a unique architectural monument – one of rare examples of medieval fortified manor in the Baltic countries. The first written evidence of the Šlokenbeka Manor dates back to 1484. The ensemble consists of several buildings that are joined by a fortification wall with loopholes. Exhibition of the Road Museum is arranged in the former dwelling house of the manor, as well as, in Hill and Bottom Cart Houses.

The Exhibition of the Road Museum
The exhibition in the dwelling house gives a detailed overview on the development of the Latvian road network and road sector.

Materials exhibited in the halls show the development of roads from paths to highways, the first log and cobblestone roads and the first road projects. Measuring instruments used in road design and construction in the beginning of the 20th century are of particular interest.

To ensure long lifetime and good service of a road, it is necessary to take a good care of it. Therefore, a special place in the museum is devoted to exhibition that describes road repairs and maintenance, as well as, people who have performed these tasks.

Bridges are an imminent part of roads. A separate exhibition hall “From Plank-way to a Cable Bridge” is devoted to bridges. Structures, models and designs of different bridges can be seen there.

The excursion through the Museum comes to a finish in the hall devoted to recreational activities of the road workers. The exhibition here shows both tourism get-togethers of road workers, and song festivals for road workers that used to be very famous.

Hill Cart House
Originally in this place there was a tower, then a barn and only afterwards a cart house. Roof bearing structures which are at least two centuries old and joined with wooden brats (without any nails) are unique.

Now the collection of horse carts and harnesses, as well as, horse drawn equipment for road works is exhibited here. In 24 show-cases of the 2nd floor gallery, materials on horse breeding, horse use in agriculture, horses in sports, art, folk songs and beliefs can be found.

Bottom Cart House
In 18th and 19th century, the Bottom Cart House served as a stockyard for cattle and a warehouse for spirit. During the Manor restoration, it has practically been rebuilt anew.

At present, different road building machines are placed in the Bottom Cart House. Here one can also find the pride of the Museum – “Marshall”, a steam roller originally manufactured in Great Britain in 1924, and a copy of the Livonian map of roads and waterways whose original was published in 1573.

Šlokenbeka Manor, Milzkalne, Smārde Parish, Engure Region, LV - 3148, Latvia Phone: (+371) 6 31 82354 E-mail: muzejs@lvceli.lv